Quotations In Art, From Michelangelo To Hitchcock

“Quotations in Art, From Michelangelo to Hitchcock, works from the Doron Sebbag Art Collection, ORS Ltd.”

Petah Tikva Museum of art (Yad Lebanim), Petah Tikva

1 November, 1997- 15 January, 1998


The exhibition “Quotations in Art: From Michelangelo to Hitchcock”, comprises selected works from the Doron Sebbag Art Collection, ORS Ltd. through which the use of the artistic quotation will be exemplified. Each of these works is located, in one way or another, in respect to other works of art. Citation is an act of reference through which the artist integrates another artwork in his own. Beyond the process of interpretation that is involved in such artworks, it is also remarkable to compare the origins of the quote and the way in which the artists have chosen to bring them forward.


Citing artworks affirms the artists own reflections and stance in respect to them, perhaps revealing admiration or critique or as a mere indicator of a point of departure. In this manner, the artist wanders and explores the planes of the history of culture which allows him to (re)make a recurrent choice from an endless possibility of selections. A good art work is measured, amongst other things, by the quality of its historical charge and the historical consciousness inherent within it.


This exhibition asks to portray, while exposing the public to works from the collection, the way in which definitions such as the interaction between center and Periphery are undermined and challenged and the way local and international artists use artistic citation. In addition, it wishes to depict the way in which citation sources transcend the visual and literary referents, bestowing artworks with a new dimension.