Artist Hotel

A decade after launching the first concept art hotel in Israel (Artplus hotel), the collaboration between Atlas hotels and the Sebbag family and ORS Collection presents the Artist Hotel – a new hotel dedicated to emerging Israeli art. The hotel’s public spaces and rooms boast original artworks that enrich the guests’ experience and invite them to a fascinating adventure.


Visitors are greeted by a light work by artist Naama Roth, who created a monumental structure with openings through which emanates colorful and seductive light, beckoning the guests to break away from the bustling street. Behind the reception desk unfolds Dana Yoeli’s work, composed of concrete sections that form an abstract landscape of the sun setting in the sea.


The walls of the corridors on the different floors feature works by artists: Hilla Toony Navok, Shay Zilberman, and Maayan Elyakim. In the corridor of the first floor, artist Hilla Toony Navok created an installation comprised of metal panels imprinted with colorful abstract paintings that merge into different color fields. On the second floor, Shay Zilberman created an imaginary seascape – a collage composed of many diverse sea views.


Visitors are invited to walk along an imaginary pier and look out to sea. On the third floor, Maayan Elyakim created a mural that conjures the mapping of the sky and the 88 constellations represented by different figures that evolved throughout history. The figures emerge from the deep blue background that brings to mind the night sky. 


In addition, few works were added inside the rooms, and new and works from the Doron Sebbag Art Collection can be seen in the lobby: photography works by Mark Yashaev and David Adika, video work by Sharon Glazberg, and a ceiling piece by Guy Zagorsky, made of mirrors and neon lights. More works by Guy Zagorsky and Tal Shchat are waiting in the dining room, as well as a piece by Nadav Weissman on the rooftop. The design of the hotel, entrusted to the architect David Lebenthal, is minimalist and quiet, offering a sensory experience that encourages a dialogue with the hotel’s diverse artwork. 




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